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Translate words, phrases and texts between Chinese and English
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Find out the meaning of English words and texts in Traditional Chinese or Classical Chinese and vice-versa. Learn the correct pronunciation for more than 14,000 words, get to know how to write specific letters or characters and make use of the tool's spellchecking capabilities. Embeds a computer dictionary, a management dictionary and a medicine dictionary.

Dr.eye is one of the most popular translation software in the whole Chinese-spoken area.
It is the only translation software that won all the following three awards: Award of Outstanding Information Product, User's Best Choice, and Masterpiece of Taiwan.

Instant Translation:
You can get the translation of a word or a phrase either in Chinese, English, or Japanese as soon as the pointer moves on it.

Instant Writing:
Word replacement, instant spelling check & correction make your English, Chinese, or Japanese writing easier and better.

Instant Dictionary:
It provides abundant and integrated database, including ENU-CHS Two-way Dict., JAP-CHS Two-way Dict. and Chinese Dictionary of Singapore.

Multilingual Input:
The intelligent input method employs the most advanced input technologies, such as Intelligent & Fuzzy Technology and User-defined Dictionary Technology.

Letter Assistant:
With 470 letter templates & over 2400 sample sentences in 17 types of business correspondence, it can help you read and write business letters easily and fast.

Instant Voice:
With the latest TTS technology, it enables your computer to speak words, phrases, sentences, and articles in Chinese, English, or Japanese.

Word Manager:
It keeps a record of the difficult words you've looked up so that you can memorize them at your convenience.

Multilingual View:
With this tool you can browse Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean code in Traditional Chinese OS.

Dr.Eye Pro Dict is reliable software that will help you very much in your work with translating from languages like :Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

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